Labor Relations & Mediation Service (LRAS)

The Labor Relations and Mediation Service (LRAS), assists child care employers and the two child care unions: District Council 1707, Local 205 and the Council of Supervisors and Administrators (CSA), in resolving workplace issues, personnel problems, and employee grievances.  Annually, LRAS handles more than 1,000 contract and disciplinary cases. In addition to the labor and employment law legal advice that is provided to our DCCNY member agencies, we provide legal representation to DCCNY members in arbitration, human rights complaints, and National Labor Relations Board proceedings.

Promoting the development of sound and stable labor management relations, which allows both management and employees to communicate through a constructive process, is part of what the Council encourages in the mediation process.  Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party assists the parties involved to resolve a dispute resulting in a legally binding settlement agreement.


Additionally, LRAS also provides training to DCCNY members to ensure that personnel policies, disciplinary actions, and discharges are in compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreements, and both Federal and State labor and employment laws.  Part of our role is to assist management to create and implement legal or administrative structures that will promote fair labor/employment practices.  


Nilesh Patel, Esq., Director of Labor Mediation

Phone: 212-206-7818 x105;